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Solar Flagpole Light Liberty Light

The Liberty Light Solar Flagpole Light

* Proudly Designed In The USA *

If you are proud of the national, corporate or institutional flag at your home or place of work then you will want to have it illuminated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But you don’t want the hassle and expense of ordinary lighting.

The Liberty Light Solar Flagpole Light Is The Answer!

  • It is powered by the sun
  • During the day the solar cells automatically gather energy
  • The sun’s power is stored in batteries
  • At sunset the Liberty Light automatically switches on
  • Superior LED bulbs give you up to 20 years of light
  • At sunrise the solar flag pole light automatically turns off
  • It can be fixed to flag pole, wall or on the ground

After Taking Delivery Of Your Liberty Light, it’s FREE!

  • No power bills
  • No hoisting and lowering the flag
  • No replacing light bulbs
  • No switching on and off
  • No maintenance
  • No installation costs

With benefits such as these it is no wonder that they are flying off the shelves

Liberty Light

Reserve your Liberty Light soon to avoid disappointment

 “Hello there. We received the second Liberty solar flag light in record shipping time. The first one, which we installed on our Church flag pole, is working great and we have had many compliments about the strong beam of light it delivers. The second one has been installed on our home flag pole, which is located amid many tree branches, but it lights the flag perfectly with very little sunshine. Both poles are 20 feet high and the lights are placed about 5-6 feet from the flags. I truly recommend the Solar Liberty Light. I am very pleased with the ease of installation and the performance. I am now a big fan.

CES, Milford, PA

“The Liberty light is great and really shows my flag off at night. I have had a quite a few compliments on the light. I am very pleased with it and recommend to others that need a flagpole light.
I also appreciate your assistance with info as to status of my order of the light right up to the time I received it. Again thanks for your assistance.”

Walter B, Peyton, CO

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Suitable For Every Kind Of Flag

  • Your country’s flag
  • Corporate flag
  • Institutional flag
  • Business flag
  • Any flag at all!

Suitable For Every Possible Location

Liberty Lights are used to illuminate flags at military bases, government buildings, schools, factories, business HQ, restaurants, hotels, resorts, office buildings, monuments, sports fields and stadiums, parks and other public spaces.

Perfectly Legal To Light The American Flag Night And Day!

The American flag was traditionally displayed from dawn to dusk on buildings and stationary flagstaffs in the open. But that was before the days of solar power! However, the regulations also state that the flag may be displayed 24 hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness. That means you need guaranteed lighting right through the night. Only the solar Liberty Light is reliable enough!



  • Solar spot light with 2 ultra bright white LEDs
  • Powered by 3 x 1500 mAh Ni-Cd batteries
  • Easy access to rechargeable batteries, for quick replacement
  • Powerful solar panel charging even in overcast weather
  • Operates for up to 12 hours at full charge
  • Light sensor for automatic dusk to dawn operation
  • On/Off switch for turning the spotlight off
  • Mounting hardware supplied for pole and wall installation
  • Adjustable clamps supplied for mounting on smaller pole
  • Light and solar panel are adjustable to any angle
  • Detachable solar panel for optimal sun alignment
  • Die cast aluminum design
  • Waterproof housing for all weather operation
  • Minimum light polution
  • 90-day manufacturer warranty


  • Model: Liberty Light
  • Replaceable rechageable Ni-CD batteries
  • Solar Panel Size: 5″ x 3 1/4″ – 16 1/4 sq. in.
  • Solar Panel Output: 1.35W 4V
  • Illumination: 60 Lux Output
  • Ultra bright LEDs rated to last for 20 years
  • Up to 12 full hours of illumination every night
  • Mounts on any pole up to 4 inches in diameter
  • Standard adjustable clamps for smaller flag poles
  • Clamps can be easily replaced to accommodate larger poles


Liberty Light

  1. Attach the Liberty Light to the flagpole with the solar panel directed to the sun
  2. Use a flathead screwdriver to secure tightly the rings around the flag pole
  3. Position the light to illuminate the flag, or target item
  4. Loosen thumb screws to move light and arms either side to side or back and forth
  5. Position the solar panel for maximum sun exposure


Enjoy Your Liberty Light Illuminated Flag For Decades



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